About Us

ISS is an investigative services agency providing clients with strategic approaches to a full range of critical security and safety issues. We steer clear of boilerplate, one-size-fits-all analyses and solutions because those approaches ignore the unique characteristics and needs of each client.

The experienced team at ISS offers a broad base of skills gained through years of law enforcement and military service. From the front lines to executive level responsibility, we have essential experience with complex investigations, risk and threat assessments, strategic security planning, emergency preparedness and disaster response. Members of the ISS team have:

  • Participated in the development of some of today’s most widely-used
    background databases, giving us unique insight with respect to the strengths and weaknesses of available electronic record
  • Led security details for U.S. presidential and vice presidential visits and security planning for major events
  • Directed emergency preparedness and response efforts in the aftermath of natural disasters
  • Trained with top experts from the Secret Service, FBI, NATO, and national law enforcement centers of excellence
  • Investigated crimes in a wide variety of contexts, from murder and missing persons to financial fraud and employee misconduct
  • Evaluated security and developed options to address identified risks
    and threats..


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