Security Consulting

Not too long ago, business security meant an alarm on the back door or a security camera on the loading dock. Drug testing might have been an employee's only background check and business continuity planning consisted of a list of employee phone numbers and a handful of floppy disks.

Times have changed… and your business needs have changed, too.

Through a combination of technology, techniques and talent, ISS provides unparalleled investigative expertise to address today’s new risks. Customized, comprehensive security solutions with the service, quality, experience and integrity one expects from the best law enforcement professionals without the bureaucracy often associated with larger firms. We know that too much security can be as bad as too little. That’s why ISS tailors assessments to the unique needs and circumstances of our clients and develops solutions designed to achieve results that work for the company’s specific situation.

You want to protect valuable business assets, financial positions and the people who help you succeed. The experienced ISS team will help you do just that by:

• Providing comprehensive risk and threat assessments

• Conducting thorough and discreet investigations and background screening

• Developing appropriate security solutions to eliminate or minimize risks

These are uncertain times. Call or email us to discuss how ISS can address your business needs.



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