Press Release

July 2, 2010  -- U.S. Investigative Security Services, LLC (ISS) hires Greg A. Farrell and opens office in Washington, D.C. area to support Federal Government and federal contractor clients.

U.S. Investigative Security Services, LLC (ISS) based in Charlotte, NC announced today that it recently opened an office in Tysons Corner, VA to support new contract requirements and business opportunities with the Federal Government and federal contractor sector.   ISS currently supports the Department of Homeland Security, local law enforcement agencies, other government entities and commercial clients.  ISS is bidding on new business via recent requests for proposals (RFPs) and is committed to growing its business in the competitive federal marketplace.

To help grow its business, ISS has hired Greg A. Farrell, an experienced investigator with 20 years of experience working with Federal Government agencies and leading contractors.   Mr. Farrell has previous experience working as a senior staff person for two U.S. Senators and Fortune 500 firms.  Mr. Farrell is a federally approved contract investigator and is retained by the Federal Investigative Services Unit of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  This work is an authorized law enforcement activity and national security function that entails conducting background, civil service and national security investigations for specific government agencies and positions of public trust.  

Robert Schurmeier, President of U.S. ISS, stated that “Mr. Farrell brings a unique blend of investigative and business development experience and he is the right person to lead our business expansion efforts in the federal market sector.”   Mr. Farrell has completed training courses to conduct certain federal background or special investigations for job candidates.  Mr. Farrell has a degree from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania and has completed some course work towards an MBA at the Virginia Tech Graduate Center.

Mr. Farrell and the new ISS office are located at 8206 Leesburg Pike, Suite 301, Vienna, VA 22812.  You may contact Mr. Farrell and ISS at 703-507-3345 or

ISS has been providing a full suite of pre-employment background and investigative services for the Federal Government for over two years.  They also provide investigative and pre-employment screening services and support to a wide range of public and private sector firms and organizations.



About US Investigative Security Services, LLC  (ISS)

ISS is a unique collection of very skilled investigators and consultants who are mostly former law enforcement professionals and executives.  ISS staff includes three former deputy police chiefs who managed investigative, administrative and operational functions for the 19th largest municipal law enforcement agency in the country.  They work with a highly experienced group of former supervisors and line staff.  In the past, ISS staff has overseen or helped clear some of the most complex and notorious criminal and integrity-based investigations in the southeast. 

ISS has been able to successfully convert their past experience, training and expertise to the benefit of their private and public sector clients.  They developed proprietary tools to provide clients with thorough and discreet investigations, a range of pre-employment screening services and litigation support.