Corporate Due Diligence Investigations

Before you sign on with a new vendor, invest in a new business or loan funds to a prospective partner organization, make sure it’s the right decision. Investigating a company, their owners and/or management is one of the most essential steps in completing a service or financial transaction. Verifying a company’s performance record and financial history can avoid a whole host of problems down the road—from fraud and theft to inferior performance and even substantial financial losses.

ISS helps individuals and organizations unearth the information necessary to properly and objectively assess the integrity and performance of potential vendors, partners and investment opportunities.

ISS investigators delve into a company’s business practices, liabilities, financial history and performance record to present you with a complete picture. Aspects of the investigation include searches of the following records:
• Criminal records
• Affiliations
• Financial records
• Bankruptcy records
• Civil cases
• Liens
• Traditional and “new” media coverage

Interviews with key company officials, their clients and other developed sources provide additional insight into the overall integrity of the company. Armed with this complete information, you can then decide the best course of action.




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