Internal Investigations, Internal Controls

While thorough pre-employment background screening reduces risks, sadly, some of the greatest dangers organizations face can come from within. Instances of employee malfeasance – from fraud and embezzlement to theft and corporate espionage—can threaten an organization’s stability, even its very existence.

The quality of any investigation is inextricably tied to the talents and expertise of the people doing the work. As a licensed private investigations firm committed to providing clients with thorough and reliable results, ISS has assembled a uniquely qualified team of experts. They have track records for successfully investigating even complex schemes and the experience to identify controls and procedures that prevent similar situations from happening again.

Utilizing a national and international network of contacts developed over decades of frontline and executive level law enforcement and military experience, ISS has the resources to handle investigations that may lead to any part of the world.

  Case Highlight...  
An organization rocked with scandal hired ISS to investigate claims of employee misconduct. ISS’ highly detailed, cross-referenced report provided clear descriptions of the issues, people, places and circumstances involved in the case.


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