While thorough pre-employment screening reduces risks, sadly, some of the greatest dangers organizations face can come from within. Instances of employee malfeasance – from fraud and embezzlement to theft and corporate espionage—can threaten an organization’s stability and credibility, even its very existence.

Certain liabilities can be associated with individuals who fail to detect and mitigate wrongdoing. When there are allegations of potential misconduct, taking immediate and decisive action is critically important.

The quality of any investigation is inextricably tied to the talents and expertise of the people doing the work, and ISS credentialled, professional investigative staff and database analysts who deliver reliable, investigative results.

Years of experience in a wide variety of law enforcement and/or military assignments combined with the latest in techniques enables us to deliver investigative results.

Our investigative team consists of retired veteran officers from the Charlotte Mecklenburg region. They spent a significant segment of their careers working investigations, including some of the area's most difficult and notorious crimes. Each member has a gift for getting people to talk with them and for making connections between pieces of information, whether it comes from interviews or physical evidence. ISS also relies on talented experts who can provide specialized analysis, from computer data to fingerprints and DNA.



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