Litigation Support

A key to the strength of any corporate case or lawsuit is the ability to unearth essential documentary evidence, identify and vet prospective witnesses and provide materials that enable a legal team to quickly access vital information.

The ISS team knows firsthand the difference this kind of preparation can make to a case. As veteran investigators who have thorough understandings of Rules of Evidence, they are experienced in identifying and gathering evidence to provide court testimony.

ISS delivers results with meticulous attention to detail and careful presentation of investigatory documentation.

A licensed private investigative agency, ISS is both discreet and adaptable. Utilizing a national and international network of contacts developed over decades of frontline and executive level law enforcement and military experience, we have the resources to handle investigations that may lead to any part of the world.

  Case Highlights...  

ISS was retained to investigate companies and their principals for clients who were on the verge of investing a large amount of money. Our investigation uncovered information the attorneys needed to appropriately advise their clients, saving the clients millions.

After the well-known national security firm they had first hired failed to find him, a major law firm retained ISS to locate a person wanted in connection with a case. Within a week, ISS investigators located him in California.


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