Lower Cost + Fast Turnaround + Quality Reports = Better Recruiting

While no organization can afford to hire an unqualified applicant, public safety agencies have an even greater responsibility to make the best possible hiring decisions. That’s why comprehensive pre-employment screening is especially important for sheriff’s offices, police agencies and fire services.

U.S. ISS Agency offers reliable and comprehensive screening that provides several key benefits for your agency, including:
• Saving money

• Enabling redeployment of sworn personnel to mission-critical service

• Providing quick turn-around (20 business days or less) on background
  investigations so timely decisions on the most desirable candidates can
  be made, and not lost to competing agencies

• Customizing screening to your agency’s specifications

With more than 150 cumulative years of prior law enforcement experience, the credentialed ISS team understands the demanding requirements public safety agencies maintain. We specialize in:

• Screening that includes the most comprehensive and far-reaching
  national criminal search on the market

• Using seasoned law enforcement personnel experienced in conducting
  interviews that yield essential information

• Designing automated processes that meet state application guidelines
  and speeds processing

• Providing well-written, comprehensive reports

• Ensuring compliance with privacy, credit reporting and other employment
  laws with guidance from our in-house attorney/chief privacy officer




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