Risk and Threat Assessments

We know that no two organizations are the same and too much security can be as bad as too little. That’s why ISS tailors assessments to the unique needs and circumstances of its clients and develops solutions designed to achieve results that work for their specific situation.

Because we do not sell security equipment, our recommendations are free of any vendor or product bias. Instead, we focus on one simple yet powerful goal: doing what makes sense for the client organization, its staff and stakeholders given the range of factors impacting its operating environment.

We conduct a complete, systematic review of an organization’s situation. While the scope of an assessment will vary, assessments vary, typical components include:

• On-site evaluations of physical environment, including everything from
  building designs and existing safety features to lighting, points of entry/exit

• Reviews of policies and procedures, including continuity planning and
  employee screening and training

• Analysis of crime and quality of life data

• Threat and vulnerability analysis

• Interviews with key individuals

• Surveys of staff and members

The final report will summarize findings, present recommendations and provide options. ISS will work with you to implement the appropriate recommendations, staying mindful of both budgets and goals.


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