Our investigatory expertise and applied technology can help you detect—and avoid—the potential risks associated with your business transactions. Whether you are hiring a new employee or entering into a new vendor agreement, we are in business to ensure your business has the reliable and accurate information it needs to make the best possible decisions.

ISS clients come in all sizes and industries – from major retailers and restaurant chains to law enforcement agencies and school systems. What they have in common is the need for the most cost-effective, discreet, accurate and complete information available so they can make the very best staffing decisions.

From traditional employee screening to more advanced and specialized due diligence investigations, we work with each client to design the right screening process and our chief privacy officer ensures our work is fully compliant with FCRA and other employment law standards.

Our Services:
Pre-employment Background Checks and Executive Due Diligence

Public Safety (law enforcement and fire service) due diligence
  and safety-sensitive

Corporate Due Diligence



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